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I have a crush on Carly Rae Jepson. Yes, I said crush.

you’re not the only one.

i heard she had a sex tape out? or she had a look alike with a sex tape out…. thought you should know.

22 5 / 2012

what some people don’t get that i’m not trying to save the environment.

the environment has, can, and will live without us here.

thought you all should know that. 

and hell, i think the planet would be a better place without humans.

20 5 / 2012

by now, you’d think i’d learned something… or at least written a song about it…

maybe i’ll keep doing this shit up till i’m able to write a song about it? maybe it’s like…. a videogame level in my life, that i just keep repeating stupid fucking mistakes until i beat it by writing a song?

man. i’m too sleepy to be typing right now.

good…. morning. -.- bleh.

also, nick, you’re an idiot. 

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stop being such a bitch and answer questions in class.

It’s been ages since i’ve answered a question in class.



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  • As a human race, we are responsible for all the damage we caused. There are some that are blind, some that are ignorant, and some that want to apologize and make right what we did. i think you all know where i stand.
  • Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We devastate the earth, and yet we expect abundance back… Let’s see how that goes in another 40 years. HA.
  • I just want everyone to STOP and take a look back. Look back at what we’ve done for two reasons.
    -look and realize the harm that we’ve done
    -look and find the true beauty of what we overlooked. Stop trying to push forward to find beauty when we’ve just taken a step right over it.
  • find that “sense of wonder.” think back when you were a kid. try to remember feeling that sense of wonder as you stepped out into a new environment, where everything just seemed so interesting, so amazing, so new. lets go back to that.
  • Off topic, but: I hate recycling/compost bins. don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate the idea of composting and recycling, but i hate that people think “oh, i recycled, i did my part.” there’s so much more you could/should do. (more on this in another post).
  • People are idiots. I’ve learned that. 
  • There was hope. It might still be there, but i don’t see it. A hope in humanity, yes, it’s there. But a hope in recovering our systems? Hahaha. Our infrastructure, our cities, our food, agriculture, water, resources, all are backed by a system with an expiration date. Fossil fuels are gone. Only a few have come to terms with that. There is nothing we can do, we’ve basically used them all up. And now once that’s gone, how will our cities survive?  We’ve invested so much in them that I feel we won’t have enough resources to invest in our alternatives/renewables.  Leading me onto my next point.
  • Subsidies for a limited resource is probably the stupidest thing ever. In a marathon, you’d never bet on the dreadfully sick guy would you? even if he looks like the fastest, you know his sickness will get to him. That’s what we’re doing. We know fossil fuels have it’s limits, but we invest in it. Subsidies displace the true cost of petroleum, including externalities (costs not measurable by money, i’ll explain in a bit). http://www.iags.org/costofoil.html says that without direct subsidies, a gallon would cost $5.25USD. BUT THAT DOESN’T FACTOR IN ENVIRONMENTAL COSTS. What about the costs of taking care of all the people dealing with asthma caused by pollution? That’s an externality that’s not factored into the price of gas. 
  • Get ready for a heatwave, earth. You’ve all heard about global warming, and how the earth is getting progressively hotter. Okay. great. and you all know this is caused by greenhouse gasses. great. BUT… some of the greanhouse gasses, (water vapor and particulate matter) do even more than that. Water vapor, particulate matter and jet contrails all affect clouds in the atmosphere. these clouds then reflect incoming radiation back out to space. Okay, well that’s good!… But think, when we run out of oil in the next few decades, we’ll have less pollution of particulate matter and jet contrails! Yay! less pollution! WAIT. think about it. less reflectiveness, means that more incoming solar radiation will come through the atmosphere, and the Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere (which has a half-life of 150-200 years [http://mc-computing.com/qs/Global_Warming/Atmospheric_Composition.html], meaning it would decrease by 50% in that time), would trap that radiation and therefore raise the temperatures dramatically.

-More to note, as temperatures rise, ice melts, and when ice melts, Methane hydrates (methane frozen in ice) is released.  Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas that is often overlooked because of it’s smaller concentration. But the vast amount of methane hydrates frozen in the artic and antartic could do this planet in for a longterm heatwave.

So, that’s just some of my opinions that just happened to blurt out at 3am.

If anyone wants me to elaborate on any points, let me know. If i made a mistake, let me know. If you want proof/citations, let me know, I have citations for almost everything.

Is that all i’m worried about? no. there’s so much more. i could spend a whole year talking about this. which is why i’d like to be a teacher. 

comments, concerns, questions, and corrections are greatly appreciated. 



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The Further Adventures of That Damn Hipster Jellyfish

For more of their damned misadventures click here



The Further Adventures of That Damn Hipster Jellyfish

For more of their damned misadventures click here

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I can haz girlfriend who will wear this on Halloween?

Or I can be not gay when I wear this on Halloween?

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